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Quick History

Dating back to 1988, Random Conflict began a quickly successful start in the North Alabama Punk/Hardcore scene. Back then, with no Internet, social media, and no Smartphones, the way you found out about shows were from the paper flyers that drew your attention in record stores, tattoo shops, telephone poles, and hand-outs. Word still managed to spread, even from that. Still, RC managed to get people out to shows! Today, the band still holds the shows just as sacred, and there's still that underground diligence in what they do. Bill Reeves started a band that he still believes in wholeheartedly to this day, 30 years later!

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With well over 1,000 shows under their belt, at least 5 full-length CD's, multiple 7", 12", CD-EPs, cassettes, and tons of downloads to date the music also shows no sign of ending.

In 1996, Brian Murphree joined the band to begin the longest running consecutive years. Since then, RC has stopped worrying about whether there's a future for punk/hardcore, and concerning themselves with pet trends and scene politics. "It's all about just doing it for you and anyone who will listen. After all, this is expression, not fitting in." -Murphree

A few drummers have come and gone over the years, but today, you can catch another Muscle Shoals area kit-dweller Ian Nash behind blasting into the set each show.

Some notable (not all inclusive) bands RC has shared stages with:
The Murder Junkies, F.Y.P., Violent Society, Pears, Direct-Hit, Antiseen, 88 Fingers Louie, The Casualties, Anti-Flag, Teen Idols, Exploited, The Queers, Agent Orange, A.P.A., Brass-Knuckle Boys, Pezz, Daikaiju, Terminus City, Dead City Rejects,

The Groovie Ghoulies, Eyeliners, Javachrist, Green Jello, The Boils, Total Chaos, Fang, Pezz, Less Than Jake, Quincy Punx, Undead, Marky Ramone, Richie Ramone, Dead Boys, Virus, 7 Seconds, Fugazi, Big Wig, The Dwarves, Gash, US Bastards, Sloppy Seconds,

Unseen, Blanks 77, Sniper 66, and many more.

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